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28th February - Thank you everyone - marshalls, my friends, Mikey, Dave & Eileen Woodhead, Parents, Runners for coming along on Sunday and making it such a special day for me. There were so many, great helpers that I felt I could just oversee and really enjoy my last Hoppits races as an organisor. And a big thank you to the Bell family, landowners and the local community who all share the area once a year for these races. Setting up on Saturday I received so many positive comments. I am handing over the races to Mikey Brown and Dewsbury Road Runners from next year and I drove away so happy that the races are continuing in capable hands.

The photo is of Molly Charlesworth, me, Mikey Brown and Andy Plummer. All essential to the day!


21st February - We're getting there for the races on Sunday! Prizes are bought, tents packed, medals made up, forms printed and marshalls gathered up. We have toilets at the Cricket club but unfortunately the cafe is not open so bring your own refreshments. Dewsbury Runners will be there for the handover and learning the ropes for 2025. Online Entries close at midnight tomorrow - Thursday 22nd but we will be doing Entries on the Day so bring some cash (no cards!) and you can enter then.

I hope the weather is good for my last Hoppits Hill races and see you there on Sunday.

24th January 2024 - Dewsbury Road Runners have come forward and offered to take on the Hoppits Races so for this year I will be doing as much as I can to facilitate a smooth changeover. Chris Lawson has opened up Online entries and it would really help me if as many people can pre-enter as possible. The link for all the races is here https://entries.events360.co.uk/events/hoppits-2024


1st January 2024 - I have decided that I have too much on to continue organising the Hoppits Races and I am asking for a new organisor to come forward. I can do so much from home ie permissions, website and entries. I have asked Chris Lawson from 360 events and he is all set to set the Online entry up. Even probably the numbers etc. The race brings in £500 a year and the costs are mainly the prizes which I buy from Aldi (wine, beer and Easter eggs for the Juniors). I also normally make cakes and see what other prizes I can muster up. I get numbers printed up now and the medals come from Keith Homes. I would love to see these races continue and will do everything that I can to help. I will try and come down for the weekend.

So it's really just taking over the course checking and marking up. Printing off forms etc for the day and organising marshalls. Generally now I have the same very good volunteers from PFRAC and Dark Peak coming along. It's really not a lot of work but I'm now organising Bruce's Crown in Galloway on April 5th and so I need to be concentrating on that.


19th October 2023 - I have applied for and been granted a FRA permit and so the race is on the Fellrunner calendar https://www.fellrunner.org.uk/ That's as far as I've got with organising. I will contact Chris Lawson now and get the entries set up and also ask Keith Holmes if there was anything we were going to change - so that I change it!


28th February 2023 - Thanks for coming along and making a success of Hoppits Hill Races this year, my first year when I'm living in Galloway and so it was great that I could come back, see everyone, organise the races and have a wonderful day. Thanks to the clubs that made it a championship - I'm guessing Calder Valley, Saddleworth and Beverley AC! I hope to see you again next year. Thanks to my brilliant helpers - Keith, Breant, Andy, Nick, Teresa and Ian and a new face Mollie! And of course to the land owners - the Bells at Hopton Estates and Mary who now rents the fields we used to.

Many thanks to Dave and Eileen Woodhead who came and took some wonderful photos (links in the Results page) and not only that but gave us the sticky label system that we were using this year.

I hope to see you all again next year - same courses, same times and same wonderful (ish) weather!


7th February 2023 - I am ordering lots of numbers, tape, sticky labels, prizes etc etc! We might not get the number of runners that we did in 2022 but we're going to be ready for them! Because Entries on the Day do cause us a lot more administration on the day I have increased the One the Day entry fee to encourage people to Pre-Enter. Pre-Entry will be open until Thursday night (23rd February) and so you have plenty of chance to decide and then pre-enter.

Fay will be opening up the cafe and serving bacon, etc butties and so bring some money for refreshments!


30th December 2022 - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Chris Lawson from Events360 has agreed to do the online entry system again which I'm very happy about and please do enter online if at all possible because it does save me the headache of a huge rush at Registration and not knowing how many runners will turn up! This is the link to all the races and if you add more than one entry to your basket you will only get charged one booking fee by the credit card provider. https://entries.events360.co.uk/events/hoppits-2023

11th November 2022 - I am carrying on with the Hoppits races (even though I've moved to South Ayrshire!) especially as this is the tenth year of running the races. The last few years I have felt that the races have cemented themselves into the diaries of many runners and very importantly Junior runners. It's lovely to see people returning year after year. So I have registered the races with the Fell Running Association and I've asked Chris from Events360 if he will do the Online Entries again. We will have On the Day entries also but it makes my life easier if I have an idea of numbers before race day. I will post everything on here later in November after I have spoke to Chief Keith (Holmes) next week and we will run through any improvements we thought of from last year.


1st March - What a day! After the isolation that was Covid to be back running races with Registration, Mass starts, busy finish funnels and prize giving it all happened in a whirlwind on Sunday. I never expected so many runners and so we have to pull out all the stops to keep up with you all. It was fantastic to see juniors and seniors racing again and Fay was really happy down in the Cricket Club cafe as well. Thanks to all the runners, parents and especially to my helpers - Keith Holmes, Brent Lindsey, Andy Plummer, Ian Charlesworth, Teresa Wall, Pete Stanley, all the other Penistone Footpath runners and Dark Peak that helped me out with the Junior races and then ran the Senior races. And then to Dave and Eileen Woodhead who stepped in and helped out wherever they could making things run more smoothly.

Results are up and unless my powers of results conjuring are 100% I imagine there will be a couple of queries. Please try and figure out where you think you slot in and maybe why you're in the wrong place - I have done with magic wanding now.


22nd February - Fay at the Cricket club cafe has just said that she will be opening at 10 am to 3pm and the menu is Breakfast sandwiches, Soup, Baked potatoes, Pie & Peas, Toasties and various Cakes along with hot and cold drinks. Plus for those balmy temperatures we're going to get - Brymor icecream!! Please visit the cafe and buy some refreshments to support the local community and the Cricket club. I can highly recommend the food as well !!

There is No Kit Required

20th February - I have walked the courses and although very wet there are no trees down to block the routes. Registration opens at 10am. Pre - Registered runners collect their numbers. Entries on the Day have to complete forms and then collect numbers.

Thanks to everyone that has Pre Entered and the Entry List links are below


Red Course / Red Numbers - Under 9 -  https://entries.events360.co.uk/courses/52/entries


Orange Course / Orangey Yellow numbers  - Under 11 -  https://entries.events360.co.uk/courses/53/entries


Blue Course / Blue Numbers - Under 13 -  https://entries.events360.co.uk/courses/54/entries


Red / Orange / Blue - Mass Start at 11.30 am. Red and Orange in the Registration field above the Cattle Grid. Blue on the road by the Gate/Cattle Grid

Junior Prize giving will be after these races and before the Senior race (we hope!)



Green Course / Green numbers - Under 15 -  https://entries.events360.co.uk/courses/55/entries


Green Course/ Green numbers  - Under 17 -  https://entries.events360.co.uk/courses/56/entries


Green Course/ Green numbers  - Under 19 -  https://entries.events360.co.uk/courses/58/entries


Green Course / Black numbers - Seniors-  https://entries.events360.co.uk/courses/59/entries


Green / Black Numbers - Mass Start at 1pm by the gate to the Cricket club 

Older Juniors and Seniors Prize giving will be around 3pm I hope.


31st January - With covid rules relaxing I have decided I will accept entry on the day however I would much prefer as many runners as possible to use the Online Entry link as it gives me a much better idea of numbers and gets all the forms filled out online instead of in quickly written handwriting! The shops are already stocking Easter eggs and so I'm going to get in early and make sure we get the best for Junior prizes!!


14th November - Entries are open online for Hoppits - please enter as I don't think I'll have Entries on the Day now.

11th October - I have chosen Sunday February 27th as the 2022 Hoppits races date and registered the races with the Fell Running Association. I'll decide whether to have online pre-entries or just Entry on the Day later. There are pros and cons for both. I'm looking forward to organising the races with mass starts and a proper prize giving again.


12th April - A huge thank you to everyone yesterday! We all made it work and the sun shone for us (and then it snowed heavily at 5pm!). I am buzzing today and couldn't stop grinning yesterday. I have put the results up and you should have got an email with links on too. Please let me know of queries/corrections. I will send the Junior prizes out today and Inov-8.com  are donating the winning Man and Lady with a prize while  Pete Bland Sports have kindly sponsored the race with category prizes - all to be sent via post to the winners.

Dave and Eileen Woodhead came along and you can't have missed them! They have posted their wonderful photos on their website http://www.woodentops.org.uk/ and I have listed them in the April 2021 Results page

Thank you again and hope to see you either in November (if I'm a FRA Champs Junior race) or next February for another day of racing!


4th April - a few points to note with one week to go....

 1) Registration will be in the field above the road where the Red/Orange start is. Please wear a face covering when Registering and one person can register a group / family. 

2) A toilet will be available at the Cricket club. Please queue socially distanced.

3) Please keep off the Bridleway as much as possible and use the Registration field and the Finish field for socially distanced waiting for your friends / family members

4) The links below take you to the Entry lists for each race. If there is something wrong with your entry can you email chris.lawson@msg360.co.uk .

5) The Start times for Juniors are in the Table below too. The Start times for Adults are in a separate table below that. Any parent wanting to set off on the Green route with Under 16 and over 12 years just queue with your child and set off next in line after them.

6) No kit other than a face covering must be carried.

7) When you finish please move away from the Finish Line as soon as possible. Then collect your beer / chocolate and maintain social distancing within the field.

Please be at the Start location for your Start Time and queue in one single line, to be set off one at a time, with 2m between each runner.

Race Category Entry List Start Times
Under 8 and Over 6 entries  https://entries.events360.co.uk/courses/18/entries 11.30am
Under 10 and Over 8 entries https://entries.events360.co.uk/courses/19/entries 11.35am
Under 12 and Over 10 entries https://entries.events360.co.uk/courses/20/entries 11.45am
Under 16 and Over 12 entries https://entries.events360.co.uk/courses/21/entries Under 14 and over 12 at 12.00pm
Under 16 and over 14 at 12.15pm

 Adults - https://entries.events360.co.uk/courses/22/entries

Please be at the Start location for your Start Time and queue in one single line, to be set off one at a time, with 2m between each runner.

Adult race - Your Running club
starting with the Letter:
Start Time
Unattached Runners 12.30pm
A, B & C 12.45pm
D, E , F & G 1.00pm
H, I, J & K 1.15pm
L, M. N, O, P & Q 1.30pm
R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y & Z 1.45pm
Note: Runners that wish to be set off at an earlier start, than allocated,
 please ask at Registration.


25th February - well yet again I have to postpone but this is the last time as cows will be going out after that and I don't want you to have that battle as well! The new date of Sunday 11th April with the same times but you will be sent Start times instead of registration times and I hope to be able to group runners more for the Start.


14th January 2021 - Prizes and medals posted

I was sent one batch of photos from Tam Batty in Woodhead Mountain Rescue and I acquired a few more of Des Gibbons photos from facebook and these I have uploaded to the Gallery - here RunBG/Images/2020/index.html Next time we will see if we can get more photographers as I know we all like to look at photos and remember the good times!

I have asked Hopton Mills Cricket club cafe and Hopton Estates about running another set of races in February and they are happy for me to do so. The provisional date is 28th February but this is obviously dependent on Covid. I will roll the date on as needed into March and probably April! I hope to get entries up soon.

28th December - The races went ahead and I'm still buzzing with it all. Because I want to get the results up I'll list the links below that Chris has created and then I'll figure the Prize list out! The Under 14's ran the Green route along with the Under 16's and at the moment are shown one one set of Results which although is good for comparison isn't fair in the Prizes and I will be splitting the two age categories and awarding separate prizes. Well done all the Juniors as these courses although not as wild as some fell races do pack a punch when it comes to ascent, descent and bogs - I loved the description of the "sheep bog" that I heard banded about in the Junior ranks!!

And what I find very impressive is when I compare the U14/U16 times to the Adult times. For anyone who wasn't at Hoppits, the Green route and the Adult route is the same route, so a lot of us Adults got beaten by quite a few Juniors!! Well done them!

Under 8 Results - Events360.co.uk - Under 8's

Under 10 Results - Events360.co.uk - Under 10's  

Under 12 Results - Events360.co.uk- Under 12's

Under 16's and Under 14's - Events360.co.uk - Under 16's & U14's

Senior Results - Events360.co.uk - Seniors



28th December - I can't thank all my marshalls and time keepers enough. But also thank all the juniors, parents and Adults for attending in the sunshine yesterday after Storm Bella has passed by, and making this running of the Hoppits Hill races run very smoothly indeed. We all know how much we missed racing and yesterday was a special day in the middle of a very different Christmas. I will be running the races again on Sunday 28th February 2021.

24th December 2020 - Everyone who has pre-entered should have got an email on 24th December with a Registration time and lots of Covid guidance  Please let me know if you didn't get the email and I will send it onto you.

20th December 2020 - So although West and South Yorkshire (and most of North England) are in a Tier 3 I have been reading up on all the guidelines and after taking advice from the Fell Runners Association as well I consider that I am allowed to organise the Hoppits Hill Races on 27th December. With impending lockdowns and further Tiers (including a new Tier 4) being announced I do not want to miss this opportunity. I hope everyone can attend.

I have detailed below the relevant Guideline wording that allows:

1)  The organisation of the race: England Athletics Tier Restrictions-v10-OUTDOOR and  Fell Running Association .

2) Volunteers from any Tier to come and help me organise the race England Athletics - Tier-Restrictions-v10-TRAVEL

3) Runners from Tier 3 to come and run the race - https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-grassroots-sports-guidance-for-the-public-and-sport-providers and FRA email dated 18th December 2020 below:




28th November - with the Tiers being announced for the two weeks from 2nd December and 16th December and a lot of the north being in Tier 3 I read up on the rules and although I could hold the race with only West Yorkshire helpers and West Yorkshire runners I feel that especially this year that I can't do that. So I have postponed to 27th December hoping that in the Tier Review more counties are placed in Tier 2 which allows us to travel to events. If that doesn't happen then I'll postpone into January and keep going. Fingers crossed.

Re - Entries - if anyone is thinking of racing and haven't entered because they are waiting until the races go ahead then I understand that but I will be putting Entry limits on each race so that I'm not overun at the last minute and so there is a chance you won't get in. With that in mind and the fact that I'm offering full refunds (unfortunately minus the card fee which is nothing to do with me/360 events) right up the the Wednesday before the race - then please do enter and your entry can sit there awaiting a race date.

As prizes will be posted out there will be flat packed chocolate and medals for the Juniors, chocolate to collect at the Finish. For Seniors the prizes will be vouchers posted out but a bottle of beer to collect at the Finish. I hope you understand the reasoning and enjoy chocolate and beer! Thanks to Bradfield Brewery and the Trunce for the beer. And Hoppits for the chocolate. Both chocolate and beer have a long shelf life which is fortunate!



2nd March 2020 - The wind and a cow calving at 11pm kept me awake the night before and so I was glad when it was dry and even sunny on the morning of the Hoppits Races. Having some trusted helpers in Keith, Ian Charlesworth, Andy Plummer, Steve Sanders, Ian Fitz, Nick and Teresa really helped. We were all ready at 10.30am and only two runners registered. Never fear though - they all came and the Club house was soon packed as it was so cold outside! Fay was doing great bacon butties and I couldn't resist one! With everyone registered at 11.20am Ian set off with the six Under 8 runners to Hoppits and I waited by the Cattle grid with the other 34 Juniors. I love the start where everyone runs in different directions and then it's a waiting game at the Finish. There were a few lost shoes as the mud was very deep and sticky but everyone seemed happy, especially after receiving their chocolates! Sticky labels makes prize giving easy and with prizes down to Third in each category most juniors had a chance of an early Easter Egg and a medal. I am really pleased at the number of Juniors racing the Hoppits races and especially now I can see the Juniors moving up the races and improving. It's great to feel part of that progression and please do keep coming back year after year!

Then to the Seniors. It seemed very busy and I was pleased to get 101 runners - a big increase on last year. I know Penistone Footpath Runners and Stainland Lions had the race as a Championship and I'm very grateful for them boosting numbers but there were also a lot of Stadium, Dewsbury, Barnsley and Denby Dale vests to be seen so thanks to those clubs too. And everyone else who came along and I've missed. Hugh Mackie MU18, a regular at Hoppits had a storming run and won by over a minute on 2nd placed Jon Waller. In the Ladies "I've not raced for ages" Helen Elmore showed that she is still a champion at Gala Fell races, coming in 11th place and first overall. We did have four ladies in the Top 20 and Annie Mclean as U16G- which shows that women are moving up the ranks!! Well done to all the U16's that ran the Senior race and I hope you gave the Seniors a run for their money!

Prizes were cakes (baked by me!) with a choice of Fruit cake, Lemon Drizzle and Orange & Sultana, then wine and beer (donated by the Trunce). Prize giving was fun, if a bit random, with Keith presiding and me handing out cakes/wine/beer! I hope everyone got the prize they won in the end! Thanks to everyone who came along on the day and made it go smoothly. Please send any photos through to me (as always I was too busy to take any) and see you all next year! I was so happy that I had to have a beer at 4pm to celebrate and then went out for my tea with Steve!

LOST PROPERTY - one grey hat. But also look out for......

If anyone gets back from from Hoppits today and find they have accidentally picked up an extra bag with unknown to them shoes in it would you please let me know? Itís an old green Barnsley Boundary shoe bag containing size 6 Regatta walking boots.
I left it under my coat at the back of the hut just by the door.
I would be most grateful as they are quite new.
Many Thanks. Jane Cockerton, Penistone Footpath Runners & AC



29th February 2020 - Although the forecast today is wet and windy, it's supposed to be better tomorrow. The venue is sheltered and the carparking on hard standing so all the races will be going ahead. It's very muddy and I would recommend Trail or Fell shoes for all the races. Fay is doing refreshments before, during and after the Juniors / Senior races in the club house. Please stay off the actual cricket field - use the surrounding footpaths/ fields to warm up in.

29th January 2020 - sorry I haven't updated the website with the date but everything is in hand! I'm getting on with the paperwork, prizes and marshalls. Fay from the Cricket club is going to do food and there's not much else to say! Check back for updates!



26th February 2018 - Well I'm glad we didn't get today's weather! Thank you to everybody for coming along and running. A bumper year of Entries. Juniors 58 Entries up a lot from my usual 30! And what is impressive is the number of older runners as my U16 course is a tough one so well done all Juniors.

And then, helped by Penistone using the race as a Club Champs, the Senior Race also had a bumper entry of 74 Seniors, up from the usual 60. All of this combined with my key helper (Keith Holmes) away and cows calving at 11pm and 6am! ....meant I was slightly overawed by it all. But thanks to Ian Charlesworth, Andy Plummer and Bernice Nixon for stepping in. Plus all the other helpers and marshalls I had. Please all do come back next year!

I've uploaded the Results to 2018 Results Photos were being taken by Dave and Eileen Woodhead and are uploaded here - www.woodentops.org.uk Thanks to Dave for his great enthusiasm and cheering too!!!



8th January 2018 - I have the date organised for the 2018 Junior and Senior Races which is Sunday 25th February. All other details are exactly the same as last year.

26th February - Today the races went very well and there was an increase in numbers both in Juniors and Seniors. Well done all you runners as it was slightly muddy in places! Thanks to Charmian, Steve, Keith Holmes, Teresa and Nick, Ian Charlesworth and Hopton Mills Cricket Club. The prizes were donated by MyRacekit, the Trunce and with cakes made by me! 

Let me have any photos and I'll add them to the Gallery!


30th January - I can't believe I forgot to update the website with the date of this years races. Well they are Sunday February 26th. I've moved it into February to avoid other race clashes, Mothers Day and Easter. However the Junior prizes will all still be Easter related and the Senior ones too with a bit of alcohol thrown in for good measure!

20th March - Well another year and although it all seemed stressful at the beginning of the week it was all worthwhile today seeing all the Juniors running their respective races and enjoying their easter eggs afterwards. Well done to all the Juniors that finished; these are hard courses. And then to the Senior races with a great turnout thanks to Penistone Footpath Runners and AC and Meltham AC who both had chosen Hoppits as a Championship race. I think the change in course suited most people !! It certainly made organising easier! I'll have put the Results up - 2016 Results

Thankyou to all the Marshalls, Keith Holmes and Charmian Heaton. And the Cricket Club for providing such wonderful bacon butties! If anyone has any photos could they let me have the link or email me the photos then I'll add them to the 2016 Hoppits Races Gallery


6th March - I have purchased the Easter Eggs, wine and beer for prizes! Fay is primed ready to make bacon/ egg/ sausage butties and soup and the Cricket Club will be open for teas, coffees and cakes! 

20th February 2016 - Organisation is underway for the 2016 Races! The Junior Races will now finish in the Cricket Club field and I've slightly changed the Senior route so it Starts and Finishes at the Cricket Club too! Spectators can then eat and drink and cheer the runners through the Finish!. The Changing rooms will be available for changing in and thanks to Andy Plummer at The Trunce for his donation which enables me to buy all the beer, wine and Easter Eggs!

Parents please tell your kids there is a free Easter Egg to all runners and lots of prizes!


3rd January 2016 - The date for the next Hoppits Races is Sunday 20th March - the week before Easter so once again many chocolate related prizes!! Hope to see you then.


15th March 2015 - Many thanks to everybody who came along to help or to run today. As I ran in the Haworth Hobble yesterday I had left myself a huge task in marking out the course and getting ready but with much help from Keith Holmes we were ready this morning. Thank you to all the people who came along and marshalled or helped at Registration. Thanks to Jeff at One Step Books for his prizes; it's a shame he is giving up but a living has to be made somewhere.

The forecasted rain did not appear and I think running conditions were good. We had an excellent turnout of Juniors with good competition in all categories. Many thanks to Holmfirth who had it a a Junior Championship. There were less runners than last year in the Seniors even though Penistone Footpath Runners had it as a championship race. I got a lot of very good feedback about the courses and races so maybe I will move it off Mother's Day next year to entice a few more runners along.

The Cricket club were pleased with the sale of bacon, sausage butties, hot dogs, etc. Next year they will buy a bit more beer and bacon! This race is run in conjunction with trying to raise money for the Cricket Club and so everything helps.

Because of the number of cows on the course in summer I will not be running another race this year. Sorry about this but cows and the lack of numbers in August just make it unviable. So hope to see you all again in March 2016.



13th March - I called in to Thermos Online (who are based in Mirfield) earlier this week to ask if they would donate some prizes for the Junior races and they said to call back. I haven't had time yet then just this evening a lady very kindly called in at the farm and left the prizes with my next door neighbour. How lovely is that! 

Everything else is organised. Registration will be in the Cricket club this year and they will be selling bacon and sausage sandwiches, baked potatoes and hot dogs. There will also be tea, coffee, cakes and beer on sale. I am hoping the weather is better than forecast otherwise it could be a bit damp but we'll all just have to squeeze into the Cricket club for prize giving!


18th February - I've put all the routes on OS Getamap so they are in the Seniors and Juniors info pages now. I've changed the Start of all the routes except the Red (6 to U8) so that they are nearer the Finish field. This year Registration will be in the Cricket Club and Jeff Miller from  Third Step Books will be there selling his books.

14th February 2015 - Plan are underway for the Spring Hoppits Races. The Cricket Club are going to put on sausage, egg and bacon sandwiches at a cost of £2 as well as tea and cakes. 

I've changed the Green route as below and am producing all the maps on OS Getamap now so they will all have contours on!

OS Green map.jpg (467693 bytes)


25th August 2014 - Well it's raining as I type this on Bank Holiday Monday! The sun shone yesterday and it was lovely running conditions. We had a much better turnout than last year - 16 Juniors and 32 Seniors took part. Many thanks to Steve Burgess and Andy Plummer who took control of cattle management, to Teresa Wall who took control of the most complex marshalling point, followed by Willy Kitchen on the summit of Hoppits. 

Well done to all the Juniors who completed; these aren't the easiest of races to complete especially for first timers! And to all the Seniors; I felt quite mean watching you come through the Start/Finish field not knowing that the beast of David Bell hill was just around the corner. It was good to have some of David Bell's family competing - we should introduce a special Team prize for you all.

Many thanks to MyRaceKit for the selection of books, to Chris, the landlord at the BlackSmiths Arms, Kirkheaton, Jeff Miller of Third Step Books, and Jeff Rathmell of Charlottes Icecreams for the vouchers they donated.

The Festival of Cricket day was coming to a close when we left at 6pm after sampling some beef burgers washed down with Yorkshire Blonde; all in the spirit of cricket and in memory of David Bell.


16th August - Jeff Miller from Third Step Books is going to set up his bookstall as at the Spring races and the Trunce.  Have a look at his great selection of new and secondhand books online and contact him for anything special.

The medals have been made and the special cow centres were hand delivered yesterday by Rotherham Engravers. Now just needs the ribbons and I'll post a photo as they look great.

Just a reminder - It is ENTRY ON THE DAY - there will be forms at Registration for both Juniors (and Parental consent forms) and Seniors. 


14th August - Thanks for the offers of Marshalls; I'm still in need of about 6 to 8 and will be baking Cornish Pasties and cakes as sustenance for anyone marshalling so please get in touch. many thanks to Colin and Elisabet from MyRacekit for providing vouchers for category winners. I've been busy baking and buying other prizes!!!

1st August 2014 - I've just bought a strimmer so I'll be out next week cutting back the nettles along the footpath. I've also bought a tent this year so will use that for Registration. We have the FRA Gala tent as well for changing in. The Cricket Festival is well under way and looks like being a good event again so if you can stay around after the races there will be a lot to do, watch and eat/drink! 

If anyone is able to Marshall (especially the Junior races which start at 11.30am) could they please let me know on Nicky@Hoppits.co.uk then I'm not running round on the day looking for marshalls)


2nd April - Many thanks to Jane Bell for taking so many photos capturing the atmosphere, countryside and runners. I have put them on the Gallery. Also thanks to Rebecca Page who has sent me this link to her photos on Flickr -  Stadium Runners

30th March - A very successful day - thanks to Brent, Steve, Ian and Keith for helping out plus everyone else who marshalled. Thanks also to the sponsors who provided all the many prizes who were MyRaceKit Genki Gear,  Third Step Books and Rockwood Garden Centre. We had a total of 34 Juniors and 69 Seniors which is a very good tally and a good spread of clubs. Thanks to Penistone Footpath Runners for their support and also Stadium Runners for making Hoppits their championship race and providing the loudest and most enthusiastic Finish line gusto!! Even I got so caught up in it I forgot to look at the watch.

The winner; Graham Moffat from Dark Peak broke the old course record of 25.02. This record was held by Annabel Mason who finished 1st lady (breaking her own record), finishing 6th overall in a time of 24.56 (which is now the ladies record). These are the 2014 Junior Results and these are the 2014 Senior Results



20th March - Busy, busy, busy  ..... 

I've been round Dewsbury and Huddersfield Park Runs giving out flyers, Keith Holmes has been giving flyers out and Penistone Footpath Runners have been promoting the races. 

I'm trying to get a good selection of prizes together for both the Junior and Senior races - see the new  Supporters page for the list of current supporters. I'm hopeful that I can get more next week. If I get enough then I'm going to award separate category prizes to Stadium Runners as it's one of their Championship Races!

Paul Elliot is making the medals as shown below so make sure you Juniors turn up to win a bespoke Hoppits Hill Race medal!

The new Cricket Club changing and toilet facilites are coming on but won't be ready so I have the FRA tent for Men's changing and this tent (kindly donated by Mark Harvey) for Ladies changing - it might just need some curtains.

Jeff Miller from Third Step Books is going to set up his bookstall at the Spring races.  Have a look at his great selection of new and secondhand books and bring along some money. He has some real classics for sale!

I've had a few emails asking whether it is Entry on the Day as it's not clear on the website or flyer? 

It is ENTRY ON THE DAY - there will be forms at Registration for both Juniors (and Parental consent forms) and Seniors.


18th Feb - The Cricket Club have confirmed that they will be serving real ales, soft drinks and teas/coffees. They are also going to put on Hot dogs £1.50, Hot beef sandwiches £2.50 and Baked potatoes with beans/cheese for £2.00.

I've been round the local business I know asking for donations for prizes and have added them to the Supporters page. Anyone wishing to donate anything - large or small - contact me!

9th February 2014  - I've produced flyers for the Hoppits Spring races that are downloadable here: 2014 Hoppits Races Flyer  And I'll be giving them out throughout February and March. As I didn't receive any Pre-Entries last year I'm not doing them this year so it's all Entry on the Day.

25th November - New Spring date for the Hoppits Junior and Senior Races - Sunday 30th March 2014 - Juniors 11.30am and Seniors at 1pm. Exactly the same routes and entry fees as in 2013.

The races will also be held on Sunday August 24th (Bank Holiday weekend).

28th August 2013 - The results are up! Thanks to Mark Pearce for the wonderful spreadsheet that calculates them all. I'm considering running a Spring edition of these races so keep checking the website for information.

26th August - The races were yesterday and apart from a lower than hoped turnout of runners (especially in the Junior Races) they all went very well and everyone seemed to enjoy the races.  The Senior race was won by Annabel Mason with her father; Ted Mason coming in 2nd and this was after they both went wrong and I managed to shout them back from half a field away!!

Many thanks to all the Marshalls who made the Junior races possible, the runners and their parents who came along, Andy Plummer from the Trunce for his donation which paid for the wine/beer and Race Kit who provided the Patagonia teeshirts for category winners.

I would welcome any feedback for next year as I do want to run the races again. Please email nicky@hoppits.co.uk

We raised £100 for Kirkwood Hospice which Jonathon Bell was very thankful for and all the Bell family were very touched that I wanted to run the races in memory of David Bell. Me, Steve and Brent spent all afternoon at the Cricket Club enjoying the atmosphere and watching laid back cricket; where the umpire has a beer in his hand !!


18th August - Lots of news...

I have collected the finishing equipment - funnel, tents, time/number recording paperwork and watches from Andy Plummer after the Trunce. 

All the pieces for the Junior medals have arrived and I have put them together. They look really good. The outers were made by Paul Elliot earlier this year and the centers designed by Lydia and Phil English of Genki Gear (Lydia is my sister). The actual centers were made by Rotherham Engravers who come highly recommended by Penistone Footpath Runners and A.C.

The prizes have arrived from Race Kit and are Patagonia technical teeshirts in both men's and ladies sizes.

AND the weather forecast is currently good......!!!


12th August - Keith Holmes and I have been busy planning. I've secured the removal of all lively cows from the fields we run through (mainly ours!), the Finish field has been mowed, Steve has cut a great swathe through the worst of the brambles with his new "topper" and everything else is in hand.

I could do with a few more Marshalls especially for the Junior races so if anyone could help out then drop me an email at nicky@hoppits.co.uk  Thanks

RaceKit  have offered to sponsor the Senior races with prizes from Patagonia which is brilliant so thanks to them. The medals for the Junior Races are nearly complete; I ordered ribbons last night and I will be buying suitable finishers gifts for all Juniors to receive.

Mark Pearce (from Trunce fame) is working on the Results spreadsheet and I should think planning to get results out before the all the runners have finished - as is his speed!


8th June: I have found this link to a report by Kirkwood Hospice in 2012 Lower Hopton Cricket Fest which gives you a flavour of what else will be going on during the day apart from racing!

5th June:    After talking the race finishes through with Keith Holmes and Jonathon Bell we have decided not to use the Cricket field but this field that is next door so that we don't disturb the cricket matches and can also spread out!! Unfortunately for the competitors it will mean an uphill finish!