David Bell Memorial

Hoppits Hill Race

Junior Races



The races are ENTRY ON THE DAY and there will be forms at Registration so there is no need to download the forms below unless the parent is not coming along with their child


Download a    Junior Entry Form

Age Colour Distance Climb Cost Start Time Maps
6 to U8 years Red 1 km 80 m 1.00 11.30 am OS Red map.jpg (422968 bytes)
8 to U10 years Orange 1.5 km 100 m 1.00 11.30 am OS Orange map.jpg (446746 bytes)
10 to U12 years Blue 2.35 km 120 m 2.00 11.30 am OS Blue map.jpg (447171 bytes)
12 to U16 years Green 3.25 km 140 m 2.00 11.30 am OS Green map.jpg (467693 bytes)


Parents will either need to sign the child's Entry Form or complete a Parental Consent form which allows someone else to accompany the child and complete an Entry form for that child. We cannot let a child enter and run without a parent's signature on one of these documents.

Parental Consent Form.pdf

Parental Consent Form - Notes.pdf